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What Is LAN Messenger?

What Is LAN Messenger?

The issue of secure network messaging is worrying for every employer whose workers have to exchange numerous messages, including confidential ones, throughout the day. LAN messenger is preferred by the majority as it possesses many advantages in all aspects of its functioning. In particular, LAN messenger is a system that’s built-in a way to protect your information, facilitate the process of message exchanges, and allow messaging even with no active Internet connection.


One of the key characteristics of LAN messenger is the safe environment it provides. It works within a local area network only, meaning that the process of messaging is protected from the outside. No one apart from the company’s employees will be able to join in or intercept the messages as they are automatically encrypted. Accordingly, viruses and different kinds of spam from the outside are filtered and are unable to get into the system.

Easy in Use

LAN is represented by a set of advantages.  

  •       It doesn’t require a server;
  •       Communication is 100% reliable;
  •       It’s installed quickly and doesn’t require special operational knowledge.

The fact that no server is needed means that no special costs and efforts are spent on maintaining it. LAN messenger has a peer-to-peer structure, so when someone sends the message, the system becomes activated to deliver it to a recipient before going into offline mode again.

Communication is secure as people can see when their messages are opened by other users to make sure that the essential information is received on time. There are two types of messaging, individual and group one, so employees can discuss the information between each other or participate together when teamwork is required.

LAN messenger is installed so easily that the employees don’t need the help of the IT department to figure out its functions. By simply opening the program on each computer, every user will be able to run it immediately.  Transferring files doesn’t take any time or knowledge as the employees shouldn’t even attach anything, they just have to drag the file to the icon of the user they want to contact.

Active Internet Connection Not Required

By not requiring an active Internet connection, LAN messenger doesn’t depend on possible technical malfunctions. It’s based solely on the local area network. Furthermore, it offers a convenient offline mode where users may send messages to those whose computer isn’t turned on without clustering storage spaces. These messages will be automatically delivered as soon as the user logs in.

LAN is a business messenger that many employers pick due to its effectiveness. If you need to ensure an easy and safe system of messaging, it’s the messenger for you.