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The Main Advantages of the LAN Messenger

The Main Advantages of the LAN Messenger

All employers who have to deal with transmission of sensitive information are concerned about the security of their business messengers. Many of them start implementing LAN, a trend that’s rapidly gaining popularity.  LAN messenger from Softros Systems has a set of advantages that can facilitate the work of every enterprise, with top three of them being the flawless privacy mode, numerous convenient ways of messaging, and technical accessibility.  

Excellent Privacy Mode

The first major advantage of LAN messenger is the complete messaging privacy it provides. It functions within a local area network, meaning that servers and active Internet connection are not needed. Because of this, spam, viruses, and other kinds of danger from the outside cannot get into the system and damage its content. Furthermore, as soon as the message is sent, LAN automatically encrypts it. It means that the privacy of messages is absolute and that no hackers will be able to intercept them.

Many Ways of Messaging

LAN offers its users various ways of messaging that are convenient both for employees and employers.   

  •       Individual messaging;
  •       Group conversations;
  •       Group messaging;
  •      Offline messaging.

Individual messaging allows two people to exchange messages privately. Group conversations, on the other hand, let multiple users interact. For example, when a team within different departments has to work on one assignment, LAN allows them to discuss their ideas without leaving their workplace.

Group messaging means that the employer or the head of department can contact other employees right away, without having to waste time on choosing multiple recipients and contacting them in several messaging waves.

Offline messaging is another convenient way of communication that LAN messenger is known for. Since many employees have different work schedule, they can’t always coordinate their communication. As soon as one employee sends message to the other, who is currently offline, it’s kept within the system itself without needing any additional storage. When the user logs back in, the system becomes activated and the message is sent.

Technical Accessibility

LAN has minimal requirements and offers plenty of technical innovations that any employee will be able to understand easily. Since it uses TCP/IP protocols, it doesn’t need any administrative support, and the fact that it doesn’t require the Internet also facilitates the messaging process. Instead of having numerous complicated and mostly irrelevant functions, LAN focuses only on those that are vital and makes their usage as easy as possible.

For example, file transfers can be done within two clicks as all the user has to do is pick and drag the file toward the icon of the person they’d like to send it to. In addition, depending on the role of the employee within the enterprise, the employer can restrict the access to certain LAN functions to make sure that everyone uses the messaging system strictly in work purposes.  

LAN messenger has three main advantages that make it an immensely attractive communication system in the business world. Through them, LAN will enhance the working environment of any enterprise in the quickest and most effective way possible.