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How to Protect Your Business Correspondence?

How to Protect Your Business Correspondence?

Secure business correspondence is a must for every enterprise if they want to protect their privacy and preserve the trust of their clients. However, with the rapid development of technologies and various hacking applications, the number of dangers is growing daily. That’s why it’s essential to know about the most efficient ways to protect messaging privacy.


Encryptions of work messages is a great way to protect business correspondence. The majority of all companies’ intellectual property, including messages with sensitive information, work attachments, videos, presentations, and photos, is stored within the electronic mail. Therefore, creating a combination of different encryption keys is an optimal way to protect this information from possible attacks.  

However, the problem of this solution is that it’s rather complicated and while it’s reliable, the system might still malfunction, endangering the privacy and security of messages. That’s where LAN messenger comes into play.

LAN Messenger

Being a business messenger, LAN is the best solution to the issue of correspondence’s privacy because it automatically encrypts all messages while also offering other security advantages. In particular, it ensures the following.

  •       Full message encryption;
  •       Local area network benefits;
  •       Various forms of messaging;
  •       Convenient and secured message history.

LAN messenger doesn’t need any additional applications for message encryption because it’s one of its automatic functions. Furthermore, since it works within the local area network, it means 100% protection against outside dangers such as spam and hacking. Anyone who’s not a member of the local network won’t be able to get into the system, partly because it doesn’t depend on the Internet and thus isn’t subject to any kind of outside attacks.  

Various forms of messaging means that the users will be able to decide on the form of correspondence they need in a particular situation. By offering many options, LAN serves the same functions that the usual email does while ensuring complete protection. If the users want to organize a group chat, send a message to someone who’s offline, or transfer work files, LAN will easily allow it and remove any possibility of mistake or malfunctioning, which is an additional plus.

LAN also preserves and secures the message history. All messages are saved locally and can be accessed, viewed, and printed whenever needed. Since the system is built on peer-to-peer principle, it works on each separate computer, meaning that without the password, no one else will be able to access another user’s message history. This way, LAN secures the privacy from all possible sides.

Even though encrypting is a good choice of protecting business correspondence, LAN messenger is the best option as it includes both automatic encrypting and other useful functions. Since it works locally, no one from the outside will be able to break into it. The fact that it doesn’t need active Internet access protects the correspondence from outside attacks. For this reason, if you want to make sure that your business correspondence is safe, LAN messenger is the best choice for you.