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How Does Transferring of Files Through LAN Messenger Works?

How Does Transferring of Files Through LAN Messenger Works?

Many employers implement LAN messenger in their enterprises as it’s the safest and most efficient system of business communication. All business correspondence is protected and the employees can interact in different ways, including when they’re offline. The basics of files transferring described on this Youtube video are one of the logical questions that might occur during LAN implementation, and fortunately, there are three simple options available.

Dropping the File onto the Conversation Window

The first option requires you to do three simple actions.

  •           Choose a user who you’d like to communicate with;
  •           Make sure they’re online;
  •           Drop the file onto the conversation window.

Please note that the second point is obligatory as only online users will be able to receive the files, despite the fact that LAN messenger allows sending messages to those who are currently offline.

When you started your chat, just choose the file that you want to transfer, click on it twice, and drag it to the conversation window. That’s it! Your recipient will get the file quickly as the transfer starts automatically. When it’s done, a link leading to the folder with your file will appear, and the recipient will have to just click on it to download it.  

Dragging the Files Toward the User’s Icon

The second option is just as easy as the first. The process is basically the same, it’s just here, you can pick and drop your file right onto the icon of the user you’re chatting with. In other words, if you aimed to drag the file to the conversation window but accidentally dropped it higher than you intended, you shouldn’t worry. As long as it reached the verge of the icon, the process of transfer will begin automatically.

Another positive side of LAN messenger files transferring is that you don’t have to pick separate files and send them one by one when you need to transfer large amounts of data. You can place them in one folder and then drag it toward the user’s icon or conversation window, and it’ll also be transferred quickly, regardless of its larger size.

Hot Key Combination

Even though the process of files transferring provided by LAN messenger is practically instantaneous, there is still a way to speed up the process even more. Hot keys are a popular choice among people with good PC knowledge because they quicken the majority of working processes. LAN messenger is no different, so if you want to save time when transferring the files, just click Ctrl+O. It will allow you not to close the conversation window and pick the file you need right away.

By following either of the options presented, you’ll be able to easily transfer the files when using LAN messenger. Whether you prefer to drop the files onto the conversation window or drag them toward the user’s name, it doesn’t matter. They’ll be transferred immediately!