Petition Script International Project

This website was created to promote and share the Petition Script international Project.
Content is from the site's 2006  archived pages.


David Rattin Welcome to the petition script  international project. This project was founded by David Rattin (PhotoLeft) of cHIMICON LABS  located in Italy. Mr. Rattin programmed the "Original" free petition software  for the web version and this was written in Active Server Pages (ASP). The success of this application was imminent and soon the demand grew. ASP traditionally only works on a Windows platform. And soon came the demand for a cross platform version of petition script

David Soden ofThe WebSite Guru Company  located in the United States (PhotoRight) joined the project back in 2005. Since then Mr. Soden has developed  free petition software  for the web known largely as phpPETITION petition script  v3.0 in PHP© & MySQL©


  • 100% unbranded
  • 100% open source
  • Fully Customizable
  • Spam resistant with duplicate email signature check
  • Signatures count only when confirmed
  • Results page with hidden email addresses
  • GEO IP lookup and display on results page to let you know what country your signer is in
  • Backend administrative control panel
  • 2 levels of administration
    • Super Admin = Full system access and administration
    • Report Admin = Only provides ability to see signatures and run reports
  • User Administration
  • Signature Administration
    • on screen results
    • edit signatures
    • delete signatures
    • search signatures
  • Batch deletion of unconfirmed signatures
  • Export To Excel reporting (CSV)
  • SMTP Email mode
  • Use an external SMTP server
    • (optional authentication)
      • Username
      • Password

In summary, petition script is an easy and effective script to manage on line petitions storing all signers data in a MySQL© database. You will be able to customize the colors of the text and background using any HTML editor (i.e. MS FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc...). For advanced users with PHP/Java/MySQL knowledge it's possible to further modify the script.


Now available for the First Time Ever the phpPETITION Customization API. Only USD $15.00

David Soden - The WebSite Guru Company


An aside: Lots of advancements have been made since the WebSite Guru Company  developed several Free Petition Software applications. Google keeps changing its "rules" for ranking in the search and mobile friendly sites are a must for ecommerce as well as other online sites. What used to work for ranking a term like paper towels in stock in 2006 most likely won't cut it today. This particular site that sells janitorial supplies to both the retail and wholesale market are very savvy. They have eco friendly green products as well as regular products. For example they offer paper towels that at are designed and crafted from 100% total recovered material, but they also offer regular white premium paper towel. Smart business plan to cover all bases. Just as PHP/Java/MySQL knowledge is expanding, advancing, evolving as new requirements and needs appear, there are now loads of traditional petition sites that offer simple online form letters making it easy to sign and send off. Today, a must for petition sites is their ability to create code for mobile-friendly petition campaigns with an organization's branding that integrates directly with, for instance. Remember, not all petition sites are created equal. There is a lot of competition on the web for petition software applications. I wonder how Petition Script international Project would stack up against them in todays environment.



The WebSite Guru Company has developed several Free Petition Software applications for the web. The versions include PHP, ASP and ColdFusion. PHP being the popular Free Petition Software choice. Customizations can be made easily if you have programming experience. If now we will make any necessary modifications for you for a nominal fee. The Free Petition Software customization rates.

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